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Frequently Asked Question?

For Community

Currently, we are working with underserved communities with a long history of structural and systemic income inequality..

BlockVest Movement is an invite only platform. Right now we are in a limited Beta. We are on-boarding a few communities for our Beta cohort. If you would like a community in your city on the BlockVest Movement platform, please sign up at: blockvest.com/#blockvest_in_city

There are two ways to receive an invite. The first way is to get invited by an existing community member. After you answer a few questions from the community, a majority of community members must approve in order for you to join. The second way involves expansion to a new city. After our platform notifies existing communities of the expansion, we ask them to recommend an individual who should be on the platform.

Due to systemic obstacles, gentrification, the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, and more, it can be challenging for historically underserved communities to build and maintain wealth in their physical neighborhood. BlockVest Movement's platform helps community members to create collective wealth that is location-independent. Community members have access to one another to strategize and organize regardless of physical ability to meet. The products communities sell and who they sell them to are not restricted by physical location. Whether community members want to build generational wealth through BlocknShop, raise funds for short-term projects to benefit the community, or discuss legislation or initiatives that will positively impact the neighborhood, BlockVest Movement is the platform for you.

For Buyers

Yes and No. When you purchase goods and services from other e-commerce shops, you are buying from an individual seller. When you purchase goods and services from BlockVest Movement you are buying from a community where those profits automatically funnel back to that community to fund projects that help solve the issues they face. Shopping on this platform also provides measurable impact on improving wealth equality in our communities.

For Sellers

Yes, if approved. Some of our communities are in need of products and services to sell in their virtual community shopping center. We place the power and decision making in the hands of our communities. Once you sign up on our sign-up page to be a seller, you must select which community you would like to sell for or let us know that you have no preference. You will then automatically be placed in our community's review and approval queue for our communities to decide if they would like to invite you to sell for their community.